IGS is a Waikato based company specialising in diesel generation.
We offer expert, fully independent advice on your diesel generator installation, upgrade or project.
IGS specialises in the control systems that automate your generator and control and interface with your site electrical systems.
IGS was started in 2012 to meet demand in the market driven by modern generator controllers.
Microprocessor based controllers are now found on nearly every modern generator and engine system, and with new tools required to install, test and modify these controls specialists trained to use and understand this equipment are required.
A generator has multiple systems on board, traditionally requiring different trades to understand and maintain it.
A diesel mechanic for the engine, a motor/generator winder for the alternator, an electrician for the electrical connections and more recently an automation technician for the control systems.
IGS brings all these skill sets into one company.
Using our knowledge base of trained generator technicians country wide we can bring you quality expert service to your installation for maintenance, modifications and fault finding and analysis.



The modern control systems used in generators has allowed new types of applications for generators that were previously unobtainable.
IGS works with its customers to develop and deploy these new systems.

Electrical lines company products: No break between generator and utility supply. This technology has been used for many years now using the Comap Combi software. IGS has developed a method of using this technology at high voltages (11-13kV), even when the disconnection point is many miles away from the generator connection and control area.

VSUP voltage support: Under heavy loads network voltages decrease as the current flowing in the supplying conductor rises. IGS has developed software and procedures to allow a generator to autonomously detect this voltage sag and correct it. No user intervention is required. This system is designed for areas where there is temporary high loads on the network, or maintenace is being performed.

Generator WAN Black box integration: IGS is working with customers to develop a single point interface for multiple generators spread across a wide geographical area. This allows for a common control system to call for network generation. This system allows for peak load limitation when a network is under pressure, by injecting kW where they are required, at the points of heavy use.

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Recent Projects

Below we have projects that are near completion.

Refrigerated Transport

Under Carriage Reefer Generators

Refrigerated Transport

IGS & Powerserv work closely with transportation companies to assist them to modernise and maintain their critical fleet of undercarriage generators. With trucks always on the road and refrigeration is required 24/7 for long haulage trips around the country.

Local Government

Water & Waste Water Plants

Local Government

Your water and wastewater services are supported by pumping and processing stations all around the country. These must be kept up and working in a power outage. IGS & Powerserv are proud to work with councils and government throughout NZ to provide maintenance and support services to this sector.

District Health Boards

National Maintainence

District Health Boards

IGS & Powerserv work with DHB's across NZ. We monitor, maintain and provide assured emergency response to some of the biggest sites in the country. As well as DHBs we provide services to many private health institutions.

NZ Fire Service

System Maintainance

NZ Fire Service

IGS & Powerserv provide both maintenance and monitoring services for the NZFS. By categorising control centers and stations into levels of importance, and providing cost-effective maintenance to match these levels we assist the NZFS to maintain operational requirements even when the power is out.